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Furniture meets cat lovers for modern designs that help you perfect your work-pet balance!


I was a certified dog person, till I got married to the ultimate cat lover and was subjected to hours of their family cat and more fluffy cat videos which helped me appreciate the whimsical humor cat owners love (given how witty sarcasm is my go-to style, this tells me something about my husband’s type). Okay, I may be downplaying my affection for cats, which reveals itself anytime I see one walking by and if I do get one home, this is exactly the kind of furniture I need to give myself the exact work-pet balance. Given our work-from-home scenario, it is imperative that our home be designed for all it’s inhabitants and the designs here respect your home and space as well as let you and your cat spend quality time – together as well as away!


In all the desk designs I’ve seen over the years, this is

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