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4 Reasons Levi’s New Online Secondhand Store Is Genius

With nothing more than a passing glance, it just looks like another way of widening the company’s promotional web. Recycled apparel is in vogue, so if nothing else, there’s publicity value packed into the idea. The new online venture from denim apparel brand Levi Strauss (NYSE:LEVI) that will resell secondhand jeans, however, is actually quite brilliant for a handful of reasons.

Levi’s Secondhand checks off a lot of boxes

Like all for-profit corporations, this one’s had to adapt. Consumers are prioritizing — and rewarding — good stewardship of the planet’s resources. Some shoppers make a point of patronizing businesses that operate responsibly. These shifts in cultural norms have particularly put the fashion industry in the hot seat, since it alone accounts for around one-tenth of the world’s annual carbon emissions, and its pollution output is expected to grow before it contracts.

One simple step in the other direction is reusing

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