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Horrified mothers discover layers of dirt lurking in plain sight under ‘black lights’

The dirty truth hiding in plain sight: Mums are using ‘black lights’ to clean their seemingly spotless homes – and what they reveal might shock you

  • Mothers have discovered layers of dirt lurking in their homes in plain sight 
  • They uncovered the hidden grime with ‘black lights’ which shine ultraviolet rays
  • These rays reveal dirt invisible to the naked eye including urine and saliva
  • Many were horrified by the stains scattered across their seemingly clean homes
  • But others believe ignorance is bliss and said they’d ‘rather not know’

Horrified mothers have discovered layers of dirt lurking in plain sight in their kitchens, hallways and bathrooms.

They uncovered the hidden grime with ‘black lights’, devices that shine ultraviolet rays which reveal fluids invisible to the naked eye like urine, semen and

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Henry Slade focused on Premiership semi-final despite European-domestic double in sight

Back in May 2017 Henry Slade confirmed his place as a Devon legend.  

With two minutes to go Exeter Chiefs were on their way to a Premiership semi-final loss to bitter rivals Saracens. After dominating the scrum Exeter won a penalty. Slade was handed the ball and his left foot took Exeter from well in their own half to the Saracen five-yard line. The line out was formed and the clock was now in the red. A minute later Sam Simmonds was over the line and Exeter had miraculously made it into the final. If it wasn’t for that wonder-kick from Slade Exeter would not have won their first and only Premiership title. 

But asked if he ever thinks about what would have happened if that kick had not been that kick, Slade shrugs. 

“It happened and we did it, so I’ve not

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