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How to Clean a Showerhead with Baking Soda (And Why You Really, Really Should)

You know baking soda as the powdery stuff you use when you bake chocolate chip cookies, or as the odor-neutralizer you stick in the door of your fridge to make things smell a little more, um, appetizing. But did you know that this remarkably versatile ingredient can also be used to make your bathroom sparkle? Read on for the full scoop on how to clean a shower head with baking soda and why it’s such an excellent idea. 

The Dirty Truth About Your Showerhead

If you’ve never cleaned your showerhead before (raises hand), then what you’re about to read is going to make you want to do so, immediately. According to a 2018 study conducted by researchers from the University of Colorado, Boulder, the biofilms found on dirty showerheads could play an important role in the transmission of lung infections— specifically NTM (nontuberculous mycobacterial) infections. “The regions in the

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