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Gamers spent $11 billion in Apple’s App Store in Q3 – more than all of Google Play

The App Store generated more than $11 billion just from gaming, pushing just that category higher than the entire Google Play Store for the third quarter.

App Annie released their report on Thursday detailing how the pandemic has affected both the Apple App Store and Google Play. While both have seen increased downloads and profits, Apple holds a significant lead in total revenue despite Google’s faster growth.

Overall mobile app revenue trends

During the third quarter, users continued the trend of beating year-over-year metrics due to stay-at-home work and entertainment needs. There were 33 billion new apps downloaded globally during the quarter with over 180 billion hours of app use amongst consumers.

Monthly hours spent in mobile Apps is up 25%

Monthly hours spent in mobile Apps is up 25%. Image credit: App Annie

Most notably is spending, up 20% year-over-year despite the pandemic affecting the economy, totaling $28 billion in app spending. Gaming was a majority

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