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Sim-Plex Design Studio creates a four-bedroom smart home in Hong Kong

Voice-activated technology and space-saving furniture helped Sim-Plex Design Studio turn a two-bedroom home in Hong Kong into Smart Zendo, a four-bedroom apartment with hidden storage.

a view of a kitchen: Smart Zendo by Sim-Plex Design Studio

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Smart Zendo by Sim-Plex Design Studio

Smart Zendo is in Hong Kong’s Coastal Skyline neighbourhood. The project has been shortlisted for Dezeen Awards 2020 in the small interior of the year category.

a kitchen with a large window: A coffee table appears on voice command

© Provided by Dezeen
A coffee table appears on voice command

Sim-Plex Design Studio converted the home for a couple who often travel for work and needed room for multigenerational living.

“Eric and Lory moved to Hong Kong from Taiwan many years ago and have a son,” said Sim-Plex founder Patrick Lam.

a view of a kitchen: Benches hide storage in the kitchen area

© Provided by Dezeen
Benches hide storage in the kitchen area

“Eric needs to travel frequently throughout the country, and Lory is a flight attendant. The lack of time spent at home means they often need their

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Studio Boir designs New Normal tableware for socially distant dining

Croatian studio Boir has designed a conceptual tableware collection for dining during the coronavirus pandemic, featuring a series of steel and stone objects that enable food sharing at a safe distance.

The tableware collection, called The New Normal, comprises five items, including a bread basket divided by a barrier and long spoons that enable couples to feed each other from a distance.

In designing the dining objects, Boir aimed to achieve a balance between “intimacy and safe distance” within the context of the coronavirus pandemic – often informally referred to as the “new normal”.

Studio Boir designs New Normal tableware for socially distant dining
Boir’s tableware collection for dining during Covid-19 includes elongated spoons

“Despite coronavirus safety rules, our conceptual tableware retains that important social and cultural dimension of dining – sharing,” explained studio founder Ivan Zidar.

“Boir’s tableware bridges the gap between intimacy and distance, enabling safe food sharing and simultaneously connecting and separating the served dishes,” he added.

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Lifelong dance instructor sells Bath studio after 65 years of teaching

For 65 years Fay Pye (left) taught over 7,500 people how to dance with the help of her student-turned-assistant Tammy Huntley (right). Pye sold her studio in Bath last month. Photo courtesy of Tammy Huntley.

BATH — Dance instructor Fay Pye, 79, said the day she removed the dozens of photos of her students from the walls of her dance studio on Oak Street in Bath was the saddest of her life.

The unique space was Pye’s home for 65 years until last month when she sold it.

“The hardest thing I had to do was take down the pictures of my students and walk away knowing it’s not mine anymore,” said Pye. “I spent all my time there and it was the most important thing to me. My studio and my students are my life.”

After teaching for decades and being a second mother, friend and confidant to thousands

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Apple purges rival products from store ahead of rumored AirPods Studio, new HomePod

Apple at the end of September ceased online sales of third-party headphones, earphones, speakers and other devices as the company prepares to debut a slate of new audio products like AirPods Studio and a more affordable HomePod.

Products from major manufacturers including Bose, Logitech, and Sonos disappeared from the online Apple Store late last month, while employees at brick-and-mortar outlets were recently told to remove third-party headphone and speaker items from store shelves, reports Bloomberg.

A quick check reveals no products from Bose or Logitech’s Ultimate Ears brand for sale on Apple’s website. Similarly, searches for “Sonos” deliver Apple alternatives like HomePod and the Beats Pill+ portable speaker.

Prior to the change, Apple was an important reseller for third-party audio device makers that jockeyed for space on Apple Store shelves. A spot in the tech giant’s curated catalog granted access to well-heeled consumers looking for premium iPhone, iPad

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