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Sustainability For All Is The Motto For This New Startup

Model-meets-activist Alexis Ren wants to get her 14 million followers to think about all the plastic waste in their lives — and do something about it. That’s why she’s teamed up with film director and fellow activist Vanessa Black and blogger Jhánneu Roberts to democratize sustainability. And they’ve been building this new self-funded venture titled Future Prosperity (FPXll) primarily during this pandemic thanks to virtual meetings, the duo joke, just before their launch.

Future Prosperity, which debuted yesterday October 8th, curates products to encourage a low-waste lifestyle. Yes, these products can be purchased elsewhere, acknowledges Ren. But by putting them into easy-to-buy bundles for the kitchen and bathroom (to start), she’s hopeful that her largely Gen Z audience will make the transition even more quickly to a no-plastic

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