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Callie’s Cabin: Fall into tea cleaning for your digs

Assorted herbal tea in wooden box.
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Autumn is here around the Lake. Do you feel the chill in the mornings? How about the sun setting sooner than later? And who isn’t noticing vibrant green leaves turning orange and yellow?

Yep, it’s fall and we are getting into the nesting mode. So, I’ve brought you nature’s gift of tea to clean it up and leave you with an inviting aroma to feed your senses. Read on – enjoy easy DIY recipes.

Detox Your Kitchen

Clean up counters: Get fresh and sparkling counter tops, whether it’s marble or wood. Use a soft clean cloth soaked in a tea infusion (white tea or green tea) a wipe away dirt. Polish with a dry cloth until it shines. Not only will it be sparkling, the aroma will be fresh, too.

And wipe glass clean. Use brewed white or green tea mixed with

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