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What We’re Teaching at ExtraCurricular This Week

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From Cosmopolitan

Sooo…how’s your fall semester going? Actually, nevermind. We know, and we’re sorry. That’s why we created ExtraCurricular. ICYMI: we’ve created an entire semester’s worth of classes—free! free classes!—to give you everything that (campus) life just…isn’t right now.

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It’s College 2.0, and you’re invited, whether you’re:

  • surviving Intro to Econ literally right this sec (btw, you forgot to mute your Zoom and everyone can hear your roomie yelling at her bf)

  • or post-college and out in the real-world also on Zoom

And *drumroll* school is officially in session starting this week! Tonight at 7 p.m. ET, Bea Arthur, a licensed mental health counselor, award-winning entrepreneur, and CEO of The Difference (which provides on-demand access to therapy as Amazon’s first mental health Alexa Skill), will school you on how to do the (seemingly) impossible: avoid burnout when we’re hustling 24/7. She’ll break down the

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Lifelong dance instructor sells Bath studio after 65 years of teaching

For 65 years Fay Pye (left) taught over 7,500 people how to dance with the help of her student-turned-assistant Tammy Huntley (right). Pye sold her studio in Bath last month. Photo courtesy of Tammy Huntley.

BATH — Dance instructor Fay Pye, 79, said the day she removed the dozens of photos of her students from the walls of her dance studio on Oak Street in Bath was the saddest of her life.

The unique space was Pye’s home for 65 years until last month when she sold it.

“The hardest thing I had to do was take down the pictures of my students and walk away knowing it’s not mine anymore,” said Pye. “I spent all my time there and it was the most important thing to me. My studio and my students are my life.”

After teaching for decades and being a second mother, friend and confidant to thousands

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