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Nordic author Patrice Johnson’s new cookbook celebrates Minnesota’s rich food traditions

“I am a Minnesotan, born with appetite for food and life.”

With those words, Patrice Johnson opens her “Land of 10,000 Plates: Stories and Recipes From Minnesota” (Minnesota Historical Society Press, $24.95), a just-released collection of essays and recipes that focus on the multicultural food rituals celebrated across the state as well as in Johnson’s own kitchen.

In a recent phone conversation, Johnson, the author of “Jul: Swedish American Holiday Traditions,” discussed Tater Tot hot dish, wild rice, climate change and her passion for church cookbooks.

Q: This book is a big change from your Nordic foodways work. Why the switch?

A: Minnesota is my first love. When I’ve done the Nordic stuff, that’s all about my cultural history and how I connect with my family. But Minnesota, it’s more than culture, it’s my people. Minnesota means so much to me. Living here is such a blessing.


Q: Isn’t every

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