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The best self-care? 8 great ways to sink into a warm bath for a much-needed break

The pandemic has forced many to slow down their daily routines and connect to simpler processes. Remember the popularity of baking sourdough bread? Well, just as that required a recipe, there’s a method for elevating a simple bath to a healing experience, according to Deborah Hanekamp,author of the book “Ritual Baths: Be Your Own Healer.”

“In a world where we are constantly bombarded with external stimuli, it’s easy to look outside of ourselves for the comfort, peace and healing we need,” she said. “But true healing and inner peace come from within, so rather than looking outwards, we need to turn inwards. A bath is a perfect way to relieve depression, stress, and soothe because it’s a way of being our own healer that we are already familiar with. Just adding a bit of intention to it, what you are cleansing beyond just your physical body will do just that!”

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The return of warm, earthy browns is among fall decor trends | Home & Garden

Don’t overdo brown, she warns, but blend it with modern materials like marble for beautiful juxtapositions.

“Bringing it in with light woods, leathers and other natural materials can help make a space feel timeless,” Jimenez says.

Melissa Morgan of M Interiors in San Antonio, Texas, thinks brown’s rebirth is “a reaction to years of very light, tonal interiors. Clients are looking for warmth and sanctuary in their homes more than ever.”

Lighter, yellowish browns, like caramel, often works well in leather.

“In upholstery, we consider saddle leather to be a form of brown that’s like a trusty pair of blue jeans – it goes with everything,” said Chicago designer Brynn Olson.

Soft browns and caramels are also appearing in pillows, lamps and drapes. Caning is on trend too, said Amy Leferink of Interior Impressions in Woodbury, Minn.

As for furniture, Olson likes the effect of brown stains on walnut and

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