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Proud Boys Website, Online Store Dropped by Web Host

The Proud Boys, an FBI-designated extremist group with ties to white nationalism, lost its web host for the group’s website and online store following efforts from advocacy group Color of Change.

“After a heads up from Color of Change, we notified one of our customers — a website hoster — who then took action. The websites in question were not Google Cloud customers,” a Google Cloud spokesperson told TheWrap on Friday.

As of Friday evening, however, the extremist group appears to have gotten a new host for its website, but the online store is not currently taking orders and a note to online customers says that the “migration to a new webhost has taken longer than anticipated.”

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Still, Rashad Robinson, the president of Color of Change, praised Google

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PlayStation Store Will Stop Selling PS3, PSP, and Vita Games Through Web and Mobile

The PlayStation Store experience is about to receive an overhaul soon as Sony makes plans to limit what’s available to purchase on the web and mobile versions of its digital store.In an email sent to PlayStation development partners — which IGN has independently verified — Sony says that starting on October 19 for web and October 28 for mobile, certain digital products will no longer be available for purchase.

This includes:

  • PlayStation 3 games and add-ons
  • PSP games and add-ons
  • PlayStation Vita games and add-ons
  • Apps
  • Themes
  • Avatars

Sony is also doing away with the “Your Wishlist” feature and any games currently on the wishlist will be removed.

Confirmed PlayStation 5 Games

Going forward, customers will still be able to purchase PS3, PSP, and Vita titles from the PlayStation store but only directly from the system. So you’ll need a PS3 or Vita to purchase any of the previous-gen titles.

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