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Artistry meets industry at Plymouth’s 1620 Designs – News – Wicked Local

Natalie Chochrek runs a sign making and wood carving business in the carriage house behind her home.

PLYMOUTH — There’s a lot going on at Natalie Chochrek’s house.

There are kids running around, a half-finished batting cage in the back yard and a full-fledged sign making, wood carving business in the carriage house out back. And, despite the chaos that seems never ending, Chochrek says she’s finally hitting her groove.

With her trusty laser cutter, pallets of wood and acrylic and a little creativity, Chochrek runs 1620 Designs out of the carriage house behind her Plymouth home. What started out as a small side project selling custom cutting boards and coasters online has turned into a full-time job that has her creating custom signs for local restaurants and businesses.

“It was a lot of trial and error. I gave up a couple of times, but I’m glad they didn’t stick

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