2 new restaurants opening in Carmel Valley despite virus challenges

Flora Bar & Kitchen and Everbowl Superfood will soon open their doors despite the pandemic and economic climate.

CARMEL VALLEY, Calif. — It’s been a difficult year for many San Diegans due to the coronavirus pandemic, especially small business owners. But some are seeing signs of hope and recovery including two new restaurants set to open in Carmel Valley despite the challenging economic climate. 

Salvatore Ercolano is the owner of what will be called Flora Bar & Kitchen. 

“Everybody’s calling me the crazy guy in Carmel Valley right now ’cause I’m opening a restaurant while there’s a mess going on around the world,” he said.

His establishment is a large facility, high end in terms of furnishings.

“I’m very proud,” Ercolano said. “I think this is one of the most beautiful restaurants I’ve had in my life.” 

He is following a family tradition his father started in Capri, Italy, decades ago. This will be his 23rd opening since 1993.

“We want to bring [a] farm-to-table restaurant in an elegant setting,” said Ercolano. 

In the kitchen, he has a pasta maker ready and a brick oven for hand-crafted pizza. He said the Italian restaurant will also serve seafood and meat entrees. 

Ercolano said he hopes he can seat 25% of the tables inside and has a patio too. He said he thinks he can make it financially under current California guidelines.

Around the corner, another opening is in the offing; Everbowl Superfood eatery has hung signage on the exterior. At a time when so many locations are shuttering their doors, the upscale shopping center in Carmel Valley is adding to the inventory.

As for choosing to call his establishment Flora, Ercolano said he is naming it in his mother’s honor. 

“She’s 82, in Capri, enjoying retirement,” he said. 

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