5 Best Small Restroom Ideas to Make Your Rest Room Bigger

If you are building from the ground up, refurbishing your tiny bathrooms or are looking for a fast fix, there are plenty of ways to make room for a little restroom or at least create a space illusion. Many users of ReviewsBird.com shared the amazing ideas they applied to make their restrooms look bigger by making online reviews on the site.

Here are 5 of the best ways to make your restroom appear larger.

1.Enhance natural light

A small bathroom needs more light, and natural light is always the best option. Windows and skylights that can provide light may be covered with curtains or stained with paint. Windows are easy and cost-effective to clean. Moss-covered skylights can be washed with a scrub brush on the roof and with warm water and mild detergent.

2.Using identical products in the entire bathroom

The range of materials in the bathroom can be chaotic, which can lead to a feeling of a close and busy bathroom. For example: if your small bathroom has striated marble tile on the floor, glass shower on the wainscot, drywall over wainscot painted, ceramic tile in the shower, etc. Consider reducing the visual disparity by using similar materials in the restroom. Tile wainscot will typically be replaced in the kitchen (not in the bathroom or shower) in place of the drywall and base-boards wall system. A ceramic tile countertop can be removed and a quartz countertop substituted that closely suits the look of the surrounding shower/tub. Costs for this kind of renovation can be high, but these are vital rehabilitations that lead to a totally new restroom and a higher selling value for your house.

3.Choose the right restroom layout

If you’re in the planning stages of designing your own bathroom, the type of layout you choose can have a significant effect on space, flow and usability. Think long and hard about how to position each object or seek professional advice because it can eventually be expensive (and painful) to reconfigure once your plumbing and equipment are in place. Consider the path and interplay between items like the shower and the vanity doors, i.e. do they bang each other or are they opened and closed seamlessly? This doesn’t just make the whole space open, it is a smart way to build a modern look and reduce cleaning time.

4.Go decorate quickly

Decorative accessories like art make it easy to add a comfortable and friendly little bathroom. But if left untouched, it can also lead to serious trouble. If you are a collector, consider dissolving foreign items from your restroom.

5.Install in-wall cisterns

Although you can be smart with various designs and layouts, you should consider these main items to save space like in-wall cisterns– which not only save space, but look ultra-modern.The cistern behind a wall provides space and a smooth, modern finish, reducing the unit’s profile. Almost every bathroom has a cushion, but it’s most easy to mount it on a wall which is not carved or sliced yet.

In summary, you can create the illusion of a bigger bathroom with the above alterations or remodels without moving a single wall.