6 ways to make your bathroom look like an interior designer created it

When we think of grand designs within our homes one of the rooms that often seems to sit quite far down the to-do list is the bathroom. They can be tricky rooms to renovate because they often lack personality and are seen as purely functional spaces rather than destination rooms, but this doesn’t have to be the case at all.

It is time to forego the standard, invest a little more effort and get creative with your bathroom. From smart features to bold colour schemes and attention-grabbing feature walls, we’ve whittled down some of the trends that you can incorporate in the bathroom to inspire you to push this right to the top of the list.

We spoke to the experts at kitchens2bathrooms.co.uk, who create luxury, bespoke bathrooms that showcase their designers’ and technicians’ experience in crafting one-of-a-kind rooms to suit your requirements. They gave us six of their inspiring ideas that you can undertake to make your bathroom look like a top interior designer created it.

Go bold with your decor to make an impact

Feature wall

Often reserved for other rooms in the house, a feature wall can be transformative when applied in the right way, especially in the bathroom. Consider installing a partition wall that can used for privacy between a standalone shower and the rest of the room or to hide the toilet and be bold with the wall to create a statement. Perhaps you could introduce a pattern, play with texture or go big with colour here, if you do just make sure it ties in with the rest of the room and doesn’t overwhelm the space.

Natural light

Depending on the level of renovation work you are looking to undertake, this may be one for the backburner, though if you can, expanding the size of your windows in the room to let in more natural light will make for a beautiful space. When you want a room to look like it has fallen off the pages of a top interior magazine, plenty of natural light is the way to go. This can depend on the view you will have and if you are to be overlooked by neighbours, but you can get creative with frosted glass if need be to ensure privacy.

If you have a view, make the most of it with floor to ceiling windows – just make sure you have privacy too

A bold colour scheme

If you like the all-white look, especially when creating an on-trend white marble space then that’s fine, but if you want to go bold with your colour scheme, you most certainly can. We’ve talked before about how to incorporate black and the darkest shades into your bathroom and there is nothing stopping you from choosing a shade of your choice to add the wow factor here. Deep blues, rich greens, royal reds, whatever your colour of scheme of choice, you can make it work. If you don’t want to go too big here you can always stick to one wall, as mentioned above, or incorporate the colour in smaller ways, such as with a colourful radiator, door or within your accessories.

Stand-alone tub

A bathtub placed in the centre of a bathroom or close to a window with a view can make for a very pleasing centrepiece. Of course, you will need space for this otherwise you will have to be clever when it comes to planning the layout of the room, but if you can include this feature you will no doubt want to take a dip as often as you can.

Partition walls, statement baths and smart features all make for an inviting bathroom

Smart features

Responsive lighting features, waterproof smart speakers, televisions disguised as mirrors, automatic soap dispensers – there are an array of options out there when it comes to adding some smart features to your bathroom. It doesn’t have to be a tech haven but anything to make your bath time experience more enjoyable is a winner where we’re concerned.

Make more space

Far too often when bathrooms are built they are designed with all components squeezed into a tight space, this is most probably why we don’t see this room as one that we can make imaginative and inviting, but this can all be changed.

If you really want to make this room stand out and look as though a top designer has had a hand in its creation, then give it a bit more space. Knock down a wall and go for it – you know how much you can squeeze into a small area so just imagine how fantastic you could make your bathroom if space wasn’t an issue. That bathtub would stand out, the toilet could be hidden behind a partition wall and you could easily fit in a walk-in shower for two. Dreamy.

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