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In a small bathroom, a bathroom cabinet becomes the most important storage unit and should be purchased thoughtfully. Keeping a bathroom clutter-free can feel like a task, so your storage must be concealed. Cabinets with a mirror front are excellent for this arrangement. Bathroom cabinets can come in multiple designs, ranging from wall mounted designs to freestanding styles that would work well for those blessed with larger bathrooms. Also, if you are replacing your old bathroom cabinet, make sure the new one coordinates with the other fixtures in your bathroom. To help you guide in the right direction, here’s what we recommend:

This bathroom cabinet has an elegant ivory finish that will match with most bathroom designs. This bathroom rack has been designed with ample storage space both inside and outside. The outer shelves on top and bottom can be used to place large-sized bottles of essentials. The inner racks would be perfect for medicines, toiletries and other tiny knick-knacks.

The bathroom cabinet features an unframed bevelled door mirror.

Crafted in sturdy plastic, this bathroom cabinet features 5 large shelves inside that can be used for storing all essential items. The door also has a special compartment for keeping toothbrushes and toothpaste organized. The cabinet can be wall-mounted as it comes with two holes for nail-heads.

The cabinet measures 44.6 cm in width, 55.3 cm in height and 12.5cm in depth.

Ideal for small bathrooms, this bathroom cabinet features a compact drawer with sliding doors at the bottom. The cabinet also features specific slots for holding soap-dispenser and toothbrush holder. The rack in between has rail-guard that will prevent items from toppling over. The additional drawer will provide a space for storing medicines and other personal care items.

This cabinet is crafted in plastic.

Use the empty corners of bathroom walls for storage with this 3-door cabinet. The plastic cabinet uses the walls for storage and would prove to be a space-saving unit. This cabinet is great for using unused corners in the bathroom as well as in any other room of the house.

The cabinet is manufactured in plastic and measures 14 inches in length, 11 inches in width and 34 inches in height.
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Showcasing a premium look, this bathroom cabinet is water and termite-proof, making it a durable option for bathroom storage. The cabinet has six compartments at different heights to provide varying storage solutions for multiple sized items. All hinges this bathroom cabinet feature a soft-close mechanism which allows the cabinet doors to auto-close smoothly.

The cabinet measures 18 inches in width, 24 inches in height and 5 inches in depth.

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