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As the world becomes increasingly hygiene-conscious, keeping surrounding surfaces disinfected has never been so important. And in that world, having the best cleaning wipes on hand to sanitize and shine is an absolute must. From faces to feet, lenses to loos, and kitchens to cars, you’re never far away from needing a cleaning wipe.

The great thing about cleaning wipes is that they’re multipurpose items. There’s no need for separate sponges and bottles or carrying extra packaging. The wipes are already prepared, ready to use and then be disposed of. We’re even seeing more compostable products available to help keep our planet both clean and green.

Most brands target themselves at one specific focus, such as kitchen, bathroom or cars, but regardless of your chosen niche, you should make sure the cleaning wipes you choose come in resealable packaging and are ready to use.

First, there are very few circumstances where you’re going to need to use a whole pack of wipes at once, which is why most wipes come in resealable packaging. Whether it’s an envelope style pocket or a more sturdy tub, ensure your wipes can be used over time without going dry before purchasing.

Second, you should make sure your cleaning wipes are pre-soaked and ready to clean out of the package without any other products needed. Most cleaning wipes come this way, but it’s always good to check. 

The Environmental Impact of Cleaning Wipes

Although cleaning wipes look similar in appearance to toilet paper, the two are quite different. Due to the products utilized within the wipes, they don’t break down in water and can therefore cause blockages in plumbing that you definitely don’t want. In addition, when disposed of improperly, wipes can make their way into the world’s waterways, causing unwanted ocean pollution. Always remember to dispose of your wipes in a bin. Even better, seek out cleaning wipes that are biodegradable. Many companies are moving in this direction as the evidence of the negative environmental impact of wipes becomes harder to ignore.

Without further ado, let’s look at the best cleaning wipes of 2020. If only Lysol’s wipes were easier to find this year, then we’d all rely on those to keep our surfaces clean and sanitized. Unfortunately, they’re actually incredibly hard to source, but fear not, there are many great alternatives readily available. Below, we’ve selected the best cleaning wipes for you.


1. Lysol Disinfecting Wipes


The nation’s favorite cleaning brand delivers the best cleaning wipes of 2020 with its easy-to-use tub solution. Each of the included wipes cleans and sanitizes a variety of surfaces. Three times stronger than ever before, each individual wipe is ready to clean more so you can use less. With a guarantee of killing off 99.9% of viruses and bacteria, these are the wipes that everyone needs in their home right now. Plus, the smell of lovely lemon and lime just makes you feel like you’re living in a cleaner environment.

logo: Lysol Disinfecting Wipes, best cleaning wipes executive deals

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Lysol Disinfecting Wipes, best cleaning wipes executive deals

Buy: Lysol Disinfecting Wipes $17.45


2. Armor All Multipurpose Cleaning Wipes


No doubt you don’t always have time to take your wheels to the car wash or get a full detail, even when you really want it to look its best. With the Armor All Multipurpose Cleaning Wipes, you can give any area of your vehicle a quick touch up before setting off on the road. Suitable for both interior and exterior surfaces, these wipes have been designed with all aspects of car cleaning in mind. Despite being able to tackle even the toughest of auto surfaces, these wipes are lint-free, so they won’t leave a greasy residue on your hands.

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best cleaning wipes armor all

Buy: Armor All Multipurpose Cleaning Wipes $15.27


3. Windex Electronics Wipes


We all know how easy it is to get fingerprints on our TV and phone screens, and luckily, thanks for Windex, it’s now just as easy to get rid of them, too. Their anti-static cleaning wipes are ideal for removing marks or dust from your televisions, mobile devices and computers without leaving any residue behind. In addition, the easy-to-seal, reusable packet design enables you to keep these wipes for many cleans to come.

best cleaning wipes windex

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best cleaning wipes windex

Buy: Windex Electronics Wipes $15.57


4. Tub O Towels Heavy-Duty Multi-Surface Cleaning Wipes


This is the strongest and largest wet paper towel cleaning wipe. They are 100% solution soaked, so there’s no need for water when using these wipes. This Tub O’ Towels can remove heavy stains, including grease, tar, ink and paint. Although a brilliant fix for even the most stubborn of marks, these moist towels are still gentle on hands and skin thanks to the clever use of lanolin, aloe vera and vitamin E.

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best cleaning wipes tob o towels

Buy: Tub O Towels Heavy-Duty Multi-Surface Cleaning Wipes $11.94


5. Better Life Natural All-Purpose Cleaning Wipes


Don’t we all want a better life? Well with these natural, filth-fighting cleaning wipes, you can have exactly that. This plant-derived product is free of dyes, synthetic fragrances, sulfates and petroleum solvents, meaning that it’s all about plant power and fewer warning labels to keep your surfaces clean. Suitable for use in all common areas, these planet-friendly wipes are the ideal green solution to making your life a little bit cleaner and a little bit better.

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best cleaning wipes better life natural

Buy: Better Life Natural All-Purpose Cleaning Wipes


6. Narrah Heavy Duty Cleaning Wipes


You can tackle any household cleanup with these multi-surface Narrah Heavy Duty Cleaning Wipes, and you’ll leave the place smelling of lovely light lemon whilst you’re at it too. They’re made with non-woven fabric to ensure cotton quality softness while being delicate and skin-friendly yet tough on dirt. Although these are heavy-duty wipes, you don’t need to worry about them damaging your hands. They’re bleach-free and not irritating to the skin.

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best cleaning wipes narrah

Buy: Narrah Heavy Duty Cleaning Wipes $16.99


7. Wonder Scrub Industrial Strength Cleaning Wipes


Of course, these wonder wipes are ready to take on any household surfaces that you need to clean, but they’re also ready for any grease, grime or oil that your other day-to-day cleaning products may not be able to handle. Wonder Scrub wipes have a specially designed degreasing and cleaning compound that the towels have been saturated in to ensure the best clean. They also have different textures on either side of the wipe so that you can choose from a smooth slide or a tougher scrub.

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best cleaning wipes wonder scrub

Buy: Wonder Scrub Industrial Strength Cleaning Wipes $24.90


8. Dreft Multi-Surface All-Purpose Wipes


If you’re looking for a multi-surface, child-friendly cleaning wipe, Dreft has got you covered. Their specially formulated, all-purpose wipes are ready to both effectively and safely clean surfaces, such as crib rails, high chairs and baby toys. These wipes have no strong fumes, and as such, they are a kind option to have around children and babies. They’re pre-moistened for the swift cleaning of any surface that your little monsters might be able to get their hands on.

best cleaning wipes dreft

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best cleaning wipes dreft

Buy: Dreft Multi-Surface All-Purpose Wipes $26.23


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