CNN reporter’s confrontation with raccoon at White House goes viral

CNN’s Joe Johns went viral on Tuesday night after a confrontation with a raccoon on the White House lawn.

The network’s senior Washington correspondent can be seen in the video throwing what appeared to be a work bag at the animal while attempting to shoo it away.

“Frickin’ raccoons, man. God, again! This is the second time! Jesus … It always comes around right around when I’m about to go on TV … get!” a frustrated Johns said before growling at the raccoon.

Johns was praised on social media for how he handled the situation, with others saying the interaction encapsulated a tumultuous 2020.

Tuesday evening wasn’t the first time reporters have encountered raccoons on White House property. CBS News White House correspondent Paula Reid on Sept. 29 reported a raccoon had “attacked multiple news crews” on Sept. 29.

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