George Mottram: He supports article 7 for new kitchen in Moultonborough | Letters To Editor

Part one of three: Enough is enough. When are we all going to come together to take our great country back? High gas prices, high food prices, etc. I am just fed up with the whole mess. How about you? I was talking to one of our residents in Moultonborough, and she is a Democrat and she told me that change must start at the local level and I agreed with her 100%. Now, if we could have a conversation where we both agreed on some issues and disagreed on other issues, that is a great start to a new narrative for positive change in our great country and it must start at the local level just as she said. I am pro-public safety and pro-business just like she is, and I am a past president of the Moultonborough Lions Club.

On April 7, I attended the selectboard’s public meeting to go over the budget and agenda articles. Because we got the board’s agenda after lunch the day before the meeting, we really did not have time to really digest all that was to be covered at the meeting. On Article 7, by petition, at first glance I thought that spending $865,000 for a 1,500-square-foot addition was just too much money, until I had more time to research the petition and found that it is a good thing for all of us, and that the present kitchen area is now inadequate to handle the volume of meals that will be required in the near future and beyond. The money for the addition includes other work necessary to complete the project. Vote yes, May 10 at the polls.