Ghetto Gastro and CRUX Are Launching an Exclusive Line of Small Kitchen Appliances with Williams Sonoma

Ghetto Gastro and CRUX Are Launching an Exclusive Line of Small Kitchen Appliances with Wi

Upgrade your cookware with this bold collection.

A team of young chefs redefining the culinary world recently joined forces with a brand known for its stylish, functional kitchen appliances, resulting in a new collection of cookware you need to know about. Ghetto Gastro, a Bronx-based culinary collective founded by Jon Gray, Pierre Serrao, and Lester Walker, and CRUX, a kitchenware brand designed for modern home cooks, have teamed up to create an exclusive line of cookware with Williams Sonoma. “Williams Sonoma began working with Ghetto Gastro and CRUX on a collaboration over a year ago out of admiration for the culinary collective’s shared commitment to community and advancing social justice through food,” said Williams Sonoma president, Ryan Ross, in a statement. “Ghetto Gastro’s culinary prowess and passion for design, culture, and community come through in every piece of the collection.”

Courtesy of Williams Sonoma

The goal of the collection is to offer bold, simple-to-use appliances for the home cook. The chefs involved in the project aim to utilize food to empower communities and advance social justice.

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“Ghetto Gastro represents youth and a culture that is transcending boundaries, which aligns with the brand ethos of CRUX,” Shae Hong, CEO and founder of CRUX, said in a press release. “With CRUXGG, we wanted to redefine the category, bringing never-before-seen style to the countertop and doing it with purpose through partnerships with Know Your Rights, ReThink Food, and C-CAP.”

The new collection of cookware from CRUXGG includes a 10-speed KING blender, 14-cup drip coffee maker, dual pressure cooker and air fryer, bread maker, two-slice toaster, a digital toaster oven, and a double rotation waffle maker ($149.95, The full line—which ranges in price from $69.95 to $299.95—will be available for sale on September 29.

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