Great and innovative colour ideas that can make your bathrooms grand

Let’s face it, virtually all homeowners think of new ways to improve their homes. Sometimes, it’s on the back burner but they get back to it later. When we want to improve our interior, colour matters.

This article will take a careful look at some good colours that can give your bathroom that nice look. All these colours can bring something unique to your bathroom.

At the end of the day, the bathroom is turned into a comfortable and rejuvenated place. Designing bathrooms for quick showers has become moribund. Before patronizing companies that offer paint services, we suggest homeowners go through this article with a fine toothed comb.

This will enable them to have an idea of the colours they can use. Homeowners can also pick the colour that best suits him. One important step to take before choosing companies that offer paint services is to get honest reviews about them on websites like

The below, however, are some of the common colour combinations homeowners can consider giving a try:

Black and White

The use of black and white colours in our bathroom is not something new. It’s a common trend. What makes this different is the inclusion of wood. The use of black and white paint with wood gives the bathroom a modern look. Freshness is added by white while the bathroom is anchored by black, the visual warmth is given by wood

Gray and Blue

The use of white as the main colour in a bathroom is losing ground. People are trying different colours. Trying grey and blue can give your bathroom a classy look. Grey looks more sophisticated than white and can be used in place of white.

Ample light with white and green

The use of green is one way man mimics Mother Nature. During spring, green and white are the common colours people see around. Using this combination for your bathroom is not a bad idea. A lot of different shades of green can be tried from pastel green to forest green to olive green. The bathroom style and colour need to be in sync.


The use of copper is now commonplace and also trending. Adding it to the bathroom design is a good decision. Copper adds elegance. To complement the look, use brown and neutral mosaic tiles with a marble countertop that is floating.

Dark Purple

Painting the wall with dark purple creates a feminine environment. Including vanity and wood grain cabinets adds a rustic style to the design. Mixing different styles might not be a bad idea.

Soothing Shade of green

Trying serene green can create that perfect ambience. It’s always advisable to pair it with white. This can actually bring about a rejuvenating environment.

Cherry Red

If your goal is to energize the bathroom, then a shade of red might be your best bet. The kids love red and a colourful gallery wall can be created to give the space above the toilet a stylish look and the kids can also find it handy for their artworks.

Powder Blue

If vibrant and bold colours are not your thing, you can try using powder blue. Using a sunny shade of yellow can liven up the bathroom

Black and Silver

This combination can give your bathroom a sophisticated look. If you want your space to shine, then make the backsplash a shimmery silver mosaic tile. It will enliven the character of the bathroom


If you intend to eradicate a backsplash, then painting the wainscoting instead of the wall might be your best bet.

To wrap it up, it’s imperative to note that all these colours add charm and character to your bathroom. If elegance is your main goal, then you can try any of these colours for your bathroom.