Home bars are a bigger priority than a new kitchen

Kitchens have enjoyed a long time at the peak of renovation wishlists; however, this season, a new space has stolen its crown. And your home is about to get even more fun. 

A new study* revealed that home bars are now a bigger priority than a new kitchen after one in 13 UK-based homeowners shared plans to create a home bar in 2022. 

Of the 2,000 homeowners interviewed, 7 percent showed said they would turn their home bar ideas into a reality this 2022 – and they would set aside approximately $17,800 (£14,000) for the renovation process. This is a larger budget than homeowners are willing to spend on new kitchen ideas, home gyms, and new porches. 

Home bar with tiled backsplash

(Image credit: Future)

‘Our priorities are shifting, with homeowners wanting to use more of their money on creating new spaces for at-home socializing instead of spending it on staples like a new kitchen. 2022 is definitely the year of the home bar,’ says Adrienne Minster, the CEO of *Rated People (opens in new tab) who conducted the survey.  

Are home bars a bigger priority than a new kitchen?