How Building Roots couple Ben and Crista Dozier renovated a modern mountain home in less that $200,000?

Building Roots Episode 3 aired tonight on Sunday, April 24. The episode featured the Doziers upgrading a firefighter’s house to help him find peace in his busy life.

The couple finished the challenge of renovating the house within ten weeks with a budget of $180,000.

The infamous HGTV show Building Roots follows Ben and Cristi Dozier as they build and renovate a few “out-of-the-ordinary, unique homes.” Ben designs and builds the homes, and Cristi decorates them.

How Building Roots duo Ben and Cristi Dozier helped a retired firefighter renovate his home within 10 weeks

Tonight on Building Roots, Ben and Cristi Dozier helped a retired firefighter and his wife, Kevin and Candance Woodard, renovate their tiny home where they lived with their 3 daughters.

The house had no empty area. The bed in the master bedroom took up a lot of space. There were a lot of doors in the home, making it outdated. The client asked Ben and Cristi to add a bathtub to the kitchen.

The client asked the Doziers to renovate the house as a modern mountain home with an inbuilt home office. The kitchen was tiny for five people. The girl’s room was big but lacked style. The main issue with the house was that there was just one bathroom very far away from the rooms near the garage.

The Doziers took on renovating the home within ten weeks with just $1,80,000.

The duo built a private entrance to the bedroom, making it more personal. They added more area to the kitchen by installing a floating live edge dining system eight and a half inch long wooden slab. They also updated the mudroom by adding more space and adding a tub.

They gave the house a warm, cozy look by adding a shed between the home and the garage, adding 400 square feet of space. The Doziers then installed a connecting glass door from the living room to the kitchen to add a family unit to the home.

The Building Roots couple used patterned wall tiles to decorate the home. Using the peel and stick color options and decided to go with teal color as it gave the home a warm look. The duo then added black and brown contrast wood tiles across the floorboard. They then added a hot tub to the home as Kevin loved these in his youth.

They kept the family wooden furnace and redecorated it using a mine wall and knobby heads, preserving the original texture of the home.

Kevin and Candice loved the home. Candice started to cry after looking at the house and said,

“That looks gorgeous.”

Their youngest daughter was astonished by the eventual turnout of her room and said,

“I didn’t know it could look this good.”

Other things that happened on Building Roots tonight

Tonight on Building Roots, the couple also helped Kevin’s daughter Haley, who lived down the street from them, decorate the exterior of her home. The couple took it as a challenge to redecorate the home’s surroundings with just $50,000.

Ben decided to put vertical bats on horizontal bats instead of conventional horizontal on flat. He made the home look like a modern bungalow with new deckings and a built-in mountain oasis. He chose four-inch tubes for the tiles.

The couple added a yoga spot on the porch and gave the house an edgy steel look. They decorated the porch with gold lanterns that made the house look inviting. She was astonished by the eventual turnout and said,

“This is like my dream, I could not be happier.”

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