How to make a small kitchen look spacious? [Video]

Fed up of cramped and limited counter space in your kitchen? Looking for ways to add extra room in your kitchen? Whether you are a midnight foodie or a passionate cook, there are some ways anyone can use to create an impression of a bigger kitchen. This is now you know, and watch some hacks to make your tiny kitchen look spacious and organized.


If you don’t like white for any reason or think it’s not practical for your home, paint your kitchen walls with a really light pastel color instead. Because the more lighter and brighter the walls are, the more spacious it will feel.

Add mirrors

It’s a no brainer that mirrors can make a room feel lively and bigger. Don’t you think it’s kind of weird that people use mirrors in their bathrooms and bedrooms, but not in their kitchen? To make the kitchen looks bigger, add a tinted glass mirror in your kitchen area.


Did you know the right lighting can create a world of difference to how spacious your kitchen looks? you can Add some light fixtures in order to illuminate the whole kitchen area.


You may not realize it but the more stuff you have on your kitchen counter, the cramped and small your kitchen looks. Eliminating clutter can have a dramatic impact on the openness of the kitchen area.

Simply, Less clutter means more and more space!

Hope these hacks help you get the (spacious and bigger) kitchen you dreamt of !

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