I transformed my drab house into pastel paradise after my ex moved out

A grandma has told how she transformed her drab home into a pastel paradise after she sacked off her partner who refused to let her decorate.

Heidi Marler, 47, has spent the last four years covering her house from floor to ceiling in baby pinks, sherbet blues and mint greens to reflect her love of dolly mix sweets.

The palliative care worker has even decked the home out with a pink kitchen AND bathroom, with pink appliances to match.

And if that isn’t enough, every room has pink, blue and green furniture – and she’s even thrown in two flamingos for size.

Her bedroom even features a neon ‘Love’ light and bow and arrow wielding love cherubs hang from the wall.

While the lounge does not fail to impress with pink poodle statues, a gold radiator and a retro pink hoover to compliment the surroundings.

To top it off, Heidi enjoys wearing a “pink velour tracksuit with a rainbow coat” to revel in the colour explosion.

Discussing the transformation, the grandma-of-two said she wasn’t able to decorate or even hang things on the wall when she was with her ex-partner.

She added her home was “very bland” with lots of whites and browns because they couldn’t agree on decorations.

Though this all changed when the pair separated and Heidi set about on her pastel dream.

Heidi said her home is her happy place.
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The care worker is a big fan of Only Fools and Horses and says she wanted to create a “prettier version” of Del Boy’s flat in the BBC sitcom.

Heidi, who lives in Purleigh, Essex, said: “I started decorating everything I could, it just became a mismatch vibrant space full of colours.”

She admits the home matches her personality and she has found a lot of inspiration for the extraordinary pad via social media.

Explaining how she gets the dolly mix look – Heidi opts for upcycling and shopping around car boot sales.

She said: “I’ve collected quite a few pieces over the years and love a good bargain from car boot sales.

Heidi's bedroom boasts a neon light reading 'love' - there are even cherubs hanging from the ceiling.
Heidi’s bedroom boasts a neon light reading ‘love’ – there are even cherubs hanging from the ceiling.
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“I’m a lover of all things retro and try and pick up pieces whenever I can that would work well within my home.”

The home is Heidi’s “happy place” and is somewhere she can enjoy and forget about the bad parts of her day.

She explained: “I go into my house, put my bright neon lights on, and the whole day just goes away from me.”

But she admits the house gets her kids’ eyes rolling – mainly because of her tendency to always add new bits and pieces as her style changes.

She said: “My kids Harriet, 30; Frank, 27; Nancy, 21, will always roll their eyes and question ‘what’s she done now’ when I tell them I’ve done a bit of decorating.”

But she insists they love it really and enjoy bringing their mates round to take in the sights.

Heidi's living room
Heidi has changed up the house numerous times over the past four years.
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Her partner Gary, 52, has been supportive of Heidi’s project – he’s even given her a pink SMEG fridge to compliment the kitchen.

Heidi said: “Some people think I’m a maximalist, but I’d say I’m somewhere in the middle of the maximalism and minimalism scale.”

This story originally appeared on The Sun and was reproduced here with permission.

Heidi's kitchen is almost entirely pink
Heidi’s kitchen is almost entirely pink – there is even a pink fake leopard skin sprawled out on the floor.
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