Is This Tarek El Moussa’s New Partner on ‘Flipping 101’?

While Tarek El Moussa still flips homes with his ex-wife, Christina Anstead, on “Flip or Flop,” he’s been flying solo on his new show, “Flipping 101 with Tarek El Moussa.” But that may be about to change!

In the latest “Flipping 101” episode, titled “Going Off the Market,” El Moussa’s new girlfriend—real estate agent and reality TV star Heather Rae Young—joins him in helping a rookie flipper renovate a house to sell. Will Young be pitching in permanently? While El Moussa doesn’t say, it’s clear these two work well together.

The novice flipper they’re tutoring, Sheri, has purchased a Rancho Palos Verdes, CA, house for $920,000, and has a hefty budget of $300,000 to fix it up. However, between Sheri’s refusal to hire a general contractor and constantly changing design preferences, she is her own worst enemy on this flip.

Read on to find out how El Moussa and Young help Sheri finish the job—and watch how El Moussa takes his relationship with Young to a whole new level once their hard work is done.

Glass bi-fold doors highlight great views

These bi-fold doors make all the difference.


When El Moussa walks into Sheri’s house, he’s impressed by the ocean view.

“That is the main reason I bought this house,” Sheri says.

El Moussa says that, in order to make this view really impress buyers, Sheri should invest in some glass bi-fold doors to give the house an indoor-outdoor feel. The bi-fold doors cost $20,000, but El Moussa knows the price will be worth it.

Sheri takes El Moussa’s advice and gets the glass doors—and they end up looking great. They highlight the impressive view and give the living room a clean, modern look.

Kitchen island vs. peninsula? How to decide

This kitchen island looks great and has a great view.


When renovating the kitchen, Sheri wonders if she should install a kitchen island or stick with a peninsula.

In any flip, there are many reasons to choose an island or a peninsula, like square footage, desired cabinet space, and style preference. But in this home, the view is another factor. El Moussa points out that an island in the middle of the kitchen would face the window (and the fabulous view), whereas a peninsula would have to go at the end of the kitchen, and face a wall.

“The key to this house is maximizing the view,” El Moussa says, “and the best way to maximize the view would be putting an island right here.”

The decision is easy: Sheri installs a large island. Done!

A large green lawn provides great ROI

This yard was overgrown.


Sheri also knows that, in order to make this view stand out, she needs to make the yard look as good possible. She considers putting in an infinity pool, but El Moussa makes her rethink it. He explains that a pool would end up costing about $160,000, a big investment that may not be worth it.

El Moussa advises Sheri to focus on landscaping instead. He explains that a neutral, grassy space could help highlight the view and sell the house.

Now, this space is all about the view.


“The idea is to showcase the space and actually make it look bigger than it actually is,” El Moussa says. “I would just make this whole yard green, brand-new sod, and just trust me on this one, I think you spend about $10,000 back here, and it’s the best return on investment.”

Sheri takes El Moussa’s advice and focuses on putting in green grass. When the landscaping is finished, the yard looks big and beautiful.

With bathrooms, bigger is better

Before: This bathroom was dated and poorly laid out.


The second story of Sheri’s house is all one massive master suite, but the space is laid out poorly. The bathroom is small and unimpressive.

“It’s done terrible,” El Moussa says. “They had so much space, and with all that space, they got in one sink and a tiny shower. All this needs to be gutted.”

After: This shower looks great!


They redo the space completely, installing a beautiful double vanity and a larger shower that is sure to be a hit with buyers.

Add room to a small closet with an L-shape design

This small closet is the price Sheri paid for her massive shower.


In order to get a larger shower, Sheri has to borrow space from the bedroom closet. This, unfortunately, leaves the closet looking tiny. So El Moussa recommends expanding the closet, making it an L-shape walk-in. It helps add closet space without closing it off too much.

Is this ‘Flipping 101’ tutorial a success?

Tarek and Heather
Tarek El Moussa and Heather Rae Young are getting married!


Once Sheri finishes her renovation, it’s clear she’s gone over budget, spending $355,000 instead of her budgeted $300,000, but the home looks spectacular. After paying $18,000 in interest and setting aside $80,000 for closing costs, Sheri’s break-even price is $1,373,000. She and El Moussa decide to list the house for $1,950,000.

Sheri soon gets an offer for $2,100,000, which would give her a potential profit of $727,000.

Meanwhile, El Moussa takes a break from teaching house flippers to shop for an engagement ring. Then he whisks Young off on a trip to Catalina, and surprises her by renting out the beach for just the two of them and proposing on the sand.

Of course, she says yes—and this latest “Flipping 101” has a happy ending for all!

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