Kelly Hoppen warns against committing this bathroom decorating mistake

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  • Interior designer Kelly Hoppen has revealed the biggest mistake she often sees people make when decorating their bathrooms. Warning: you’ll likely want to do a serious declutter after hearing it.

    The former dragon and celebrity interior designer Kelly Hoppen has recently collaborated with SV CASA on a collection of home & bathroom accessories and sculptural objects. Speaking exclusively to Ideal Home, she revealed that going overboard on decorative clutter is the biggest mistake she sees in bathroom ideas.

    Kelly Hoppen bathroom decorating mistake warning

    ‘First and foremost you want to avoid clutter when dealing with smaller spaces, instead opting for simple, functional yet decorative pieces that add character to a room without overwhelming it,’ she explains.

    Image credit: SV Casa

    She points out that people often don’t spend the same time and effort planning small bathroom ideas as they do other rooms in the house. This can lead to a myriad of issues, including mismatched home accessories and one too many decorative pieces.

    ‘When decorating a bathroom, people often spend less time planning compared to other rooms and tend to use too many clashing textures,’ she explains. ‘As bathrooms are normally quite small in size, it’s important to keep them simple with little luxuries such as new towel rails, runners, and mirrors.’

    Kelly Hoppen explains that instead of going overboard with decorative clutter, it is important to think smart and practically about the decorative elements in a bathroom.

    kelly hoppen with sculpture by sv casa

    Image credit: SV Casa

    ‘For me, bathrooms need to be practical but also unique to you as it is YOUR space,’ she says. ‘Keep the space visually interesting. It’s important to add some texture, so opt for a varied mixture of materials.’

    ‘I also recommend using accessories with storage compartments to keep surfaces chic and clear. You’d be amazed at what it can do. Also, clutter destroys the harmony of any room, so make sure only the necessities are out.’

    Black bathroom accessories from SV CASA

    Image credit: SV CASA

    Integrating bathroom storage ideas with your decorative solutions is a perfect way to avoid the clutter faux pas. Woven baskets or the elegant trays from Kelly’s SV CASA collection are all brilliant for storing cotton wool pads and making a stylish statement.

    Kelly’s new collaboration is full of sleek well crafted bathroom accessories that serve a purpose such as the Mist Collection. Her SV CASA collection is one to save up for but will add a touch of luxe to a bathroom.