New Halloween Designs Released – Press Release

Stay Back & Toss Candy Costume T-shirts lead the pack for new Halloween T-shirt designs from Our Virtual Holiday.

Oct. 6, 2020 / PRZen / ATLANTA — Our Virtual Holiday releases new Halloween Costume T-shirt and Hoodie designs featuring a “Stay Back & Toss Candy” t-shirt for kids and adults.

The brand, known for it’s clever punny t-shirts, designed the shirts for kids and adults who want to celebrate Halloween every day…and for those who want to get in the spirit, but don’t like to dress in costumes.

“There are a lot of people who don’t like to dress up, but love Halloween,” Our Virtual Holiday owner Carrie Rigsby said. “These t-shirts are designed for them!”

Among the line is a spooky pumpkin being held by a monster hand and a Jack O’Lantern smile t-shirt. The funniest of the shirts, though, is the “Stay Back and Toss Candy” t-shirt featuring a smiling ghost.

“We wanted to throw a nod to a new Halloween with Social Distancing,” Rigsby said. “Halloween is going to be different this year and we thought the idea of saying ‘you stay over there and just throw me the candy’ was hysterical and our customers agree!”

The line is available in short sleeve, long sleeve and hoodie varieties for adults, kids and toddlers. The shirts are printed to order within one business day and you can order now to have in time to get in the Halloween spirit early!

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