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Soft and colourful bath mats will add functionality and flair to your bathroom and will also provide a dry spot to place your feet after bathing. An ideal bath mat should be stable enough to stay in place, and a base rubber backing, non-skid dots, or rubber feet can help with this. Fabric bath mats would be easy to maintain as they can be easily machine-washed and air-dried. Fabric crafted bath mats are great at absorbing water and will feel soft and cosy to walk on. Bath mats made of cotton, microfiber, chenille, and memory foam materials are great options. Bath mats can come in different sizes, sets, and shapes- small, curved bath mats wrap around the toilet and long runners can span the length of your tub or vanity. Before finalizing a bath mat, you must consider your space and needs before you buy. Check out a few options below:

This high-quality microfiber bath mat has a soft feel and highly absorbent surface that will provide a dry area for placing your feet. This set of bath mats can be washed in normal water, on a gentle machine cycle. The microfiber yarn will not lose colour and after wash, and its fabric will become softer to touch.

The bath mat has an anti-skid latex backing that keeps the mat in place even in wet condition.

This ultra-cushy memory foam bath mat will add a finishing touch to your bathroom. The bath mat can be placed in front of the sink or vanity, or outside of the shower for a pillowy soft dry spot. The bath mat is highly absorbent- it absorbs excess water and traps it within the mat’s woven exterior, which is breathable enough to dry quickly and prevent mould or mildew from forming.

Designed to provide extra support, the bath mat has a dense, pliable memory foam core that moulds to the feet’s imprint, and springs back into its original form with ease.

Crafted from microfiber, this bath mat is ideal for people who want darker coloured accessories to avoid stain marks. This set of mats can be used for multiple purposes and would seamlessly fit into an Indian home. The mats feature an anti-skid latex backing that provides stability on the wet floor.

These bath mats would be great for elders and kids too.
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Incorporating colour in the bathroom will become extremely easy with this vibrant bath mat. This bath mat is hand-tufted and made from premium quality cotton yarn that provides comfort, durability and softness. The mat measures 20 inches by 31 inches. This bath mat offers support and softness against bare feet and its dense pile is highly absorbent.

This bath mat is machine washable.

This bath mat measures 16 x 26 inches and will add colourful detail to your bathroom. The mat features an anti-skid base and is crafted from cotton fabric. This mat is highly absorbent and will be perfect for placing near the bathroom’s door or next to the vanity.

The colourful and textured look of the mat will prove to be a refreshing change.

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