Reboot Test Kitchen Returns with A New Interactive Animated Short

Seattle’s Reboot Test Kitchen is returning this October to workshop an interactive tale that will explore gender identity.

Seattle’s Reboot Test Kitchen is returning this October to workshop an interactive tale that will explore gender identity through the larger than life imagination of a child.

Writer Adam Kern is hopeful that his “_____form Prologue” will develop into an interactive animated short. The medium will be a natural fit as the piece features slice-of-life moments that often erupt into epic clashes of dragons and fantasy. The project is designed to showcase the internal weight and importance that identity can carry for the young protagonist.

The workshop highlights an inclusive and diverse cast of actors, featuring professional voice-over artist Julie Rei who also served as an invaluable consultant on the piece.

‘Trans representation in art is not only a personal mission of mine, but also aligns with the mission of Reboot Theatre Company,” says Jasmine Joshua, founder and Artistic Director of Reboot Theatre Company. “I chose Adam’s script because I wanted to encourage writers of all backgrounds to include trans narratives in their work and, as a trans writer, artist, and producer, I wanted to help him develop it and provide the dramaturgical support needed to make the piece as authentic and uplifting as possible.’

Kern says, “As a cis-gendered gay man, I’ve always realized that my understanding of the complexities these characters are going through are not to the level of those who have actually lived through them. Authentic feedback and assistance have always been one of our major priorities and the Test Kitchen will continue to be a natural extension of that goal.”

Kern, a professional actor who also co-owns and directs for an immersive theatre company in Cleveland, has produced 30-40 readings of other artists work, but states that he’s beyond thrilled to watch his words come to life as a first-time writer himself.

Producer Clint Sears adds that he was immediately on board for the idea the moment Kern pitched it. “Empathy starts with understanding and Adam is crafting something that’s not only entertaining but accessible for everyone. To find the balance in a work that has authentic representation and speaks to cultural awareness as well would be the ultimate success.”

The performance and workshop will be on Monday, October 12th, between 7:00-9:00 PM PT, and will include work from five other artists. More information available at

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