Small bathroom colour ideas:10 ways to add personality a small space

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  • There are lots of ways to bring colour into the bathroom – with paint, wallpaper and tiles, even coloured suites have made a comeback recently. And with all the inspiration on Instagram and Pinterest we are all being a bit braver in our choices and pushing the boundaries to achieve something truly individual rather than something ‘safe’. Especially when it comes to small bathroom ideas, colour is an easy way to add impact.

    The great thing about doing up a small bathroom is that you don’t need as much paint, tiles or flooring, so you can afford to be a bit more generous with your budget.

    Small bathroom colour ideas

    ‘Colour is an important factor to consider in small bathrooms as it can make the difference between the room feeling larger than it really is or feeling tight and enclosed’ explains Jo Sangster, Senior Designer at Ripples Bathrooms.

    ‘Choosing a pale, pastel tone across walls, tiles and furniture can help create the illusion of space and works well for a bathroom where the focus is on relaxation and retreat. This effect can be maximised by choosing a floor and wall colour of a similar colour, tricking the eye and creating the sense of a seamless space.’

    1. Choose colourful tiles

    Image credit: Porcelain Superstore

    Tiles are the obvious choice for a bathroom as they are practical, but that doesn’t mean they have to be white, or plain. There are so many colourful tiles on the market now you are spoilt for choice and there are lots of amazing patterns and shapes to choose from too. Hexagon tiles have been really popular recently and will give a different dimension to your bathroom, adding pattern and colour. Teaming with a coral wall unit and mirror really makes them pop.

    Buy now: Corsica hex tiles, £82.50 m2, Porcelain Superstore

    2. Introduce a splash of colour with paint

    shower room with white tiles and coral pink painted wall

    Image credit: Benjamin Moore; Paint: Wild Flower, £24.50 for 0.94l,

    Never underestimate the power of paint! It’s one of the quickest and easiest ways to add colour to a bathroom. As this small bathroom shower idea proves it can completely change the mood of the room, and it’s easy to re-paint if you get tired of it. This lovely coral colour livens up an otherwise plain white bathroom, and the large mirror will bounce light around to make it look bigger than it really is.

    3. Consider waterproof panels

    bathroom with pineapple print wallpaper

    Image credit: Shower Wall

    Instead of tiles, have you considered waterproof panels? This stylish alternative to tiles is a great way to welcome a splash of bold pattern and colour to a small bathroom. Once a bit municipal, they now come in an amazing array of designs and colours in a strong composite material. If you want them to look like tiles you can, but why not have a jungle scene, a big floral design or these amazing pineapples?

    And the great thing is, there is no grout to worry about, and they are super easy to clean. Prices from £552.10 for a piece 2400 x 896 at

    4. Make a statement with a coloured basin

    Image credit: Kast

    If the thought of a coloured suite fills you with horror, think again, there are some beauties out there now. But if you can’t face the whole matchy-matchy thing, why not choose a funky coloured basin?

    There are loads to choose from now in fantastic colours and shapes like this square one in peppermint green find similar at Kast. Then team it with striking terrazzo-effect, hexagon tiles in monochrome, then pick up the ochre colour in the painted wall. If this doesn’t cheer you up in the morning, nothing will….

    5. Embrace the wonder of wallpaper

    white tiled bathroom with turquoise floral wallpaper

    Image credit: Future PLC/David Giles

    Who says you can’t use wallpaper in the bathroom? Bathroom wallpaper ideas are a welcome way to add colour to small cloakrooms, as long as there is plenty of ventilation it will be fine. This small bathroom idea is stunning, not only a fabulous design wallpaper but it doesn’t overpower the small space because it’s balanced by the wall of white tiles. Continue the accent colours throughout the rest of the room by way of the towels and a bath mat.

    6. Think about window treatments


    Image credit: Future PLC/ Simon Whitmore

    A nice way to introduce colour into your bathroom is to add colour at the windows, with a colourful fabric blind, either plain or patterned, venetian blinds or coloured shutters. There are some amazing styles around with something for every budget. If you are a dab hand with the sewing machine you could probably make your own roman blind.

    This pop of sunshine yellow in an otherwise all-white and black bathroom is a striking way to add an accent colour. In a small bathroom using colour at the windows can help to draw the outside in, creating a sense of extra space.

    7. Utilise the ceiling

    White bathroom with blue painted ceiling and bath, and patterned tile floor

    Image credit: Future PLC

    It’s often called the ‘4th wall’ – the ceiling would be a great way to bring colour in, either light or dark, to complement the rest of the colour scheme or as a contrast. You could use a mural wallpaper or paint one yourself to give it a different dimension.

    8 Upcycle vanity unit

    Pale pink bathroom with white metro tiles and navy blue sink vanity unit

    Image credit: Future PLC/ Colin Poole

    If you are using a pre-loved piece of furniture as a vanity unit, why not paint it in a bright colour so that it really stands out, you could change the handles as well and give it a whole new look.

    9. Paint the bath

    Blue bathroom with tropical blind and pink bath

    Image credit: Future PLC

    Make a statement in a small bathroom by painting the bath in a standout shade from the rest of the room. In this snug-sized  bathroom the contrast of pale pink Ensure you prep yourself on how to paint a bath  with a step by step guide to make sure the DIY job is done properly, otherwise the.colour won’t last.

    10. Add colour with accessories

    bathroom with navy wall panelling

    Future PLC

    For a really quick and simple revamp, just buy a selection of on-trend accessories in the latest colour, especially if your bathroom is white. A new bathmat would really add a pop of colour and won’t cost a lot.

    11. Treat yourself to new towels

    dark grey painted downstiars toilet with tropical print blind and accessories

    Image credit: Future PLC

    If you really are on a budget, give the bathroom an update with new towels in a fashionable colour, maybe with a bold pattern. Or you could always dye any white towels that have seen better days for an instant refresh.

    What colour is best for a small bathroom?

    ‘Greys are extremely versatile and will work perfectly in a small bathroom.’ Says Justyna Korczynska, Senior Designer at Crown. ‘Crown’s Soft Steel is a light grey hue and will give the room more texture than white. Coral is a vibrant and ‘up’ colour and works especially well in a bathroom to add style and drama – maybe try a coral on one key wall to create a dramatic effect.’

    Are dark colours good for small bathrooms?

    Are on-trend darker shades suitable for small bathroom colour ideas? Turns out the answer is yes! ”When it comes to small rooms go high on the drama’ advises Grazziella Wilson, Creative Manager of Ca Pietra. ‘The proportions of the room aren’t there to create impact so you need to do it with colour and great design. Dark colours can work well in smaller bathrooms as they can add depth to the space and draw the eye in. We are finding that navy blue and deep forest greens are trending at the moment.’

    What colour makes a small bathroom look bigger?

    We ask the experts to advise on the best colour to make a small bathroom look bigger, because it’s a commonly asked question. ‘Generally speaking, light and bright shades will work best in smaller bathrooms to open up the space’ says Rikki Fothergill, of the Big Bathroom Shop. ‘Any pastel colour scheme can be beautifully accentuated by the presence of bathroom plants.’