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What’s in store for the Mavs in 2020-21? Dirk Nowitzki sees parallels to Dallas’ early 2000s teams

As the final seconds of the 2019-20 NBA season ticked down Sunday night in the Walt Disney World bubble, a jumble of contenders jostled for first-blush reaction.

Hail to the champion Lakers, especially fourth-time conqueror LeBron James.

Kudos to the NBA and its players for doggedly and rather ingeniously salvaging a season that was all but lost to COVID-19.

Hallelujah, it’s over!

There is no correct order because there’s never been a season remotely like this one, which began last Oct. 22 and spanned 355 days and culminated with three months of bubble isolation.

We offer the above context because, typically, when the NBA Finals end we assess the playoffs and what the results imply about the NBA hierarchy for the upcoming season – and, more specifically, where the Mavericks are positioned.

This year’s short answer: The Lakers certainly are worthy champions, but little that occurred during fan-less bubble play

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