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Apple objects to Congressional accusations of abuse of App Store power

Following the 349-page report by the U.S. House of Representatives’ subcommittee on anti-trust, released yesterday afternoon, Apple has provided a statement refuting claims it has abused the power of the App Store and iOS.

The House report claims, among other things, that Apple “leverages its control of iOS and the App Store to create and enforce barriers to competition and discriminate against and exclude rivals while preferencing its own offerings.” 

In a statement to the Web site MacRumors posted yesterday evening, reported by Juli Clover, Apple emphasized how developers have benefitted economically from the App Store:

We have always said that scrutiny is reasonable and appropriate but we vehemently disagree with the conclusions reached in this staff report with respect to Apple. Our company does not have a dominant market share in any category where we do business. From its beginnings 12 years ago with just 500 apps, we’ve built

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