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Dollar General New Store Concept Adds New Leaf to Growth Story

Better pricing, private label offerings, effective inventory management, and merchandise initiatives have helped Dollar General Corporation DG in carving out a niche in the retail space. The company has been focusing on both consumables and non-consumables categories to drive traffic. Undeniably, the company’s differentiated product range resonates well with customers’ spending habits. To engage further with customers, the company announced a new retail store concept “popshelf.”

Dollar General’s executive vice president and chief merchandising officer, Emily Taylor said, “Building on the success, learnings and insights from Dollar General’s non-consumables initiative (NCI), we are excited to unveil popshelf following our work to research, create and define the brand and merchandising offerings.” The company’s first two “popshelf” locations will be opened near Nashville, TN this fall.

This Goodlettsville, TN-based company plans to open approximately 30 locations by the end of fiscal 2021. These stores will offer on-trend seasonal and home décor, health

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ConsumerTrack Adds New Financial Website to Roster with Launch of GOFinancialAdvice

LOS ANGELES, Oct. 13, 2020 /PRNewswire/ — In a time of uncertainty like Covid, millions of people struggle with the ongoing trials of financial hardships. ConsumerTrack, a leading Los Angeles-based digital media and marketing company, has seen growing demand from millions of visitors to its personal finance websites, including

Americans seek knowledge and guidance on managing their savings, investing at the optimal time, and keeping their retirement plans on track. To help answer these critical questions and guide people in the right direction, ConsumerTrack is excited to announce the launch of This new ConsumerTrack website will help match consumers with industry-leading financial experts, based on their individual goals and needs. With many of ConsumerTrack’s top financial banks and brands on board, GOFinancialAdvice will offer an impressive roster to inform each individual’s unique situation with the best financial guidance.

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