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9-year-old orphaned elephant enjoys bath time in adorable viral video. Twitter loves it

a large elephant standing next to a body of water: Screengrab from video shared by Sheldrick Wildlife Trust

Screengrab from video shared by Sheldrick Wildlife Trust

A video of an elephant taking a bath in a small pool is going viral online. The clip will bring a smile on your face. It was shared by the official Twitter account of Sheldrick Wildlife Trust, and it shows a nine-year-old orphaned elephant enjoying her bath time.

Sharing the clip on October 7, Sheldrick Wildlife Trust revealed that the elephant’s name is Sonje and she was enjoying a bath at the Umani Springs. They also said that Sonje was rescued after she was injured by an arrow or a spear.

They captioned the viral video, “Sonje enjoys a soak at Umani Springs. She’s an orphan that was injured by a suspected arrow or spear before her rescue. Now 9 years old, she’s perfectly at home in the safe environs of the Kibwezi Forest, which offers lots of bathing spots (sic).”


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