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Imagination Technologies takes aim at data centers with new chip designs

Oct 13 (Reuters) – Imagination Technologies on Tuesday released new chip technology that it hopes will help it expand into the market for data center chips.

The London-based company has long supplied designs and intellectual property that go into making graphics chips for mobile phones, helping them render more complex images while consuming less power. The company’s newest BXT series of graphics chip design is meant to compete with rivals such as Nvidia Corp and Advanced Micro Devices, whose chips are often used inside data centers.

Sales of graphics chips have risen in recent years because they have been adapted to take on artificial intelligence tasks such as image recognition. The growth of those tasks has in turn helped Nvidia, already the largest supplier of graphics and AI chips, overtake Intel Corp as the largest U.S. chip company by market capitalization.

Imagination’s entry into the data center market, where its

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Republicans Aim to Flip Minnesota Blue-Dog Democrat’s House Seat

(Bloomberg Businessweek) — Representative Collin Peterson’s reelection campaign got a call this summer about some trouble downstate in Minnesota’s 7th Congressional District. Farmers supporting the 15-term Democratic congressman, who chairs the U.S. House Agriculture Committee, had put Peterson placards up along a stretch of highway. The problem, according to the worried campaign volunteer, was that they were sitting next to signs for President Donald Trump.

“What do you mean, a problem?” an aide asked the volunteer, according to Peterson’s retelling of the conversation. “How do you think he gets elected?”

The exchange sums up the question at the core of this closely watched race. Peterson may be a Democrat. But he’s pro-gun rights and pro-life, and a founding member of the centrist Blue Dog Coalition. “At one time there were a lot of people like me” in Congress, he says. “I’m the only pro-life Democrat left. I’m the only

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Microsoft takes aim at Apple with new app store principles

The Washington-based tech giant, and longtime competitor to Apple, is part of a growing list of companies advocating for new policies that would upend the way Apple does business. The coalition, which includes Epic, maker of video game Fortnite, and Spotify, a music streaming service, laid out a set of app store principles it thinks Apple and other companies should follow.

Microsoft’s support for the coalition comes two days after a congressional committee released a 450-page report that blasted Apple and other technology companies for anticompetitive practices. The majority of the criticism for Apple revolved around the way it treats developers and competitors on the App Store. Microsoft is the only tech giant that was not investigated by the committee for antitrust concerns.

Apple has said its App Store does not have a monopoly, citing competition with Google’s Android operating system, and denies that it engages in anticompetitive practices.


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