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Record Store Day’s September Drop Brings Big Gains for U.S. Vinyl Album Sales

Also impressive, industry-wide physical album sales (CD, vinyl, etc.) totaled 1.52 million for the week, with indie stores claiming 41% of those sales (625,000).

The annual Record Store Day holiday was originally scheduled for April 18, but, due to COVID-19 concerns and complications, was split into three separate drops on Aug. 26, Sept. 26 and Oct. 24.

All of the titles that were intended to be released on April 18 for Record Store Day were then spread across the drop dates. Those titles include unique color vinyl variants, unique one-off pressings, hard-to-find archival projects, and reissues of classic or niche albums.

Albums that were released specifically for the second drop include Roger Waters’ The Wall: Live in Berlin (on clear vinyl), Paul McCartney’s McCartney (a half-speed vinyl pressing) and Fleetwood Mac’s The Alternate Rumours (alternate takes of the original classic Rumours album tracklist).

Following the second Record Store Day 2020

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