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Thai Skateboarders Defy Authorities With ‘Anti-Dictator’ Designs


The Rize skate team try out their new banner ahead of pro-democracy protests in Bangkok. Photo supplied

Practicing on an illustration of the prime minister’s face, Thai skateboarders are showing support for a growing pro-democracy movement with defiant new designs rolled out at protests in Bangkok on Wednesday.

Rize-Style Skateboard owner Treewit “Chain” Boonkaweesilpn and a group of his friends from a small town outside the capital descended on the latest mass demonstration against Thailand’s military-backed government carrying skateboards covered with graphics of hands smashing through a pile of tanks.

A flashy typescript calls for an end to “dictatorship” while popular hashtag #SaveThaiDemocracy sits on the nose of the deck, highlighting the important role social media, especially Twitter, has played in protests that have rattled the government since July. They also feature the three-finger salute from “The Hunger Games” movies, a symbol of resistance in Thailand since prime minister Prayut

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