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Apple Pay Landing Page Goes Live on Apple’s Mexico Website, Suggesting Imminent Launch

Apple added an Apple Pay landing page to its regional Mexico website late on Tuesday, indicating the mobile payment system could launch in the country imminently.

Way back in March there were suggestions that Apple Pay could be coming to Mexico, after reports that some iPhone users in the country had been able to add their Banregio cards to the Wallet app, with only the verification process failing.

Cards from banks other than Banregio were not able to be added to the Wallet app on the ‌‌iPhone‌‌, suggesting ‌‌Apple Pay‌‌ in Mexico could be limited to Banregio at launch.

That’s still uncertain, since the ‌Apple Pay‌ page on Apple’s Mexican website offers no launch date and doesn’t list any banks that will integrate with the service. All it says is ‌Apple Pay‌ will be compatible with “credit and debit cards of the most important payment networks, issued by various banks,”

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WaterField Designs Unveils Modern Cycling Wallet for Apple’s New iPhone 12

SAN FRANCISCO, Oct. 13, 2020 /PRNewswire-PRWeb/ — WaterField Designs, a local San Francisco manufacturer of laptop sleeves, bags, and cases for digital gear, introduces the Cycling iPhone Wallet—a sleek wallet for cyclists that holds the essentials they take on every ride: an iPhone, cash, cards, ID, car key, and multitool. The compact ballistic nylon and full-grain leather wallet is custom-fit to cycling jersey pockets and is easily accessible from there with one hand. Available in two sizes, this water-resistant wallet protects an iPhone with soft padding in a dedicated compartment and looks great whether on or off a bike.

“The Cycling iPhone Wallet is perhaps the only iPhone case designed with cyclists in mind,” said company owner Gary Waterfield. “Those cyclists who carry their tools in a saddlebag now have a comfortable case to carry their iPhone, car key, and cash in their jersey pocket, rather than tossing

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Apple’s Tim Millet discusses A14 architecture, future chip designs

In an interview published on the eve of Apple’s “iPhone 12” launch event, Apple VP of platform architecture Tim Millet has explained some of the work that went into the A14 Bionic system-on-chip, and what it means for the future of Apple’s chip designs.

Revealed in the iPad Air launch during Apple’s first special event, the A14 is widely anticipated to make an appearance during Tuesday’s “Hi, Speed” event, where Apple is expected to unveil its 2020 iPhone lineup. Millet offered more details about the A14’s design and creation.

Made using a 5-nanometer process, the A14 packs in 11.8 billion transistors onto the chip, up from the 8.5 billion of the A13, with the changes enabling Apple to be more precise in how it uses the chip to shape the user’s experience.

“One of the ways chip architects think about features is not necessarily directly mapping [transistors]

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‘Fortnite’ Will Remain Out of Apple’s App Store Ahead of Trial, Judge Rules

A California federal judge said

Apple Inc.

AAPL 1.74%

doesn’t have to return the popular videogame “Fortnite” to its App Store but maintained that the tech giant can’t block the game’s creator from accessing its critical software development tools.

The ruling Friday on Epic Games Inc.’s motion for a preliminary injunction yielded a split decision similar to Judge Yvonne Gonzalez Rogers’s order in August.

“Given the novelty and the magnitude of the issues, as well as the debate in both the academic community and society at large, the Court is unwilling to tilt the playing field in favor of one party or the other with an early ruling of likelihood of success on the merits,” Judge Gonzalez Rogers wrote in her ruling.

The decision sets the stage for a May bench trial. Analysts estimate that Apple’s App Store generates at least $15 billion in annual sales for the Cupertino, Calif.,

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ProBeat: Google should have picked Microsoft’s app store principles over Apple’s

Microsoft this week outlined a list of 10 principles for the Microsoft Store on Windows in a not-so subtle jab at Apple and Google. The overall message: Microsoft supports Epic Games in its war with Apple and Google over the 30% cut the companies take of every purchase on the iOS App Store and the Google Play store, respectively.

Last week, Google doubled down on its stance by saying that a) Android supports different app stores (unlike iOS) and that b) Google would enforce its 30% cut on digital items (like Apple does). Since there’s no way Apple is going allow third-party app stores on iOS, Google decided to present Android as the lesser of two evils to ensure it could keep printing cash. That gamble could very well pay off, but Google should have taken the “don’t be evil” route and adopted Microsoft’s stance first.

Epic kicked off this

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Ex-App Store head says Apple Arcade violates Apple’s own policies

A previous head of the App Store told the US House of Representatives that Apple rejects subscription game services because they compete with Apple Arcade.

As the dispute between Apple and Epic Games continues, a former App Store manager has claimed that Apple does reject apps that compete with its own services. Questioned by the US House of Representatives in its antitrust investigation, Philip Shoemaker said that the App Store had been used to protect Apple’s interests.

“[Apple] was not being honest,” he said when asked about the company’s claim that it treats all developers the same. Calling the App Store rules both “arbitrary” and “arguable,” he said that, “Apple has struggled with using the App Store as a weapon against competitors.”

“Apple has complete and unprecedented power over their customers’ devices,” he continued. “The decisions they make with regards to third-party apps needs to be above reproach, and currently

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Gamers spent $11 billion in Apple’s App Store in Q3 – more than all of Google Play

The App Store generated more than $11 billion just from gaming, pushing just that category higher than the entire Google Play Store for the third quarter.

App Annie released their report on Thursday detailing how the pandemic has affected both the Apple App Store and Google Play. While both have seen increased downloads and profits, Apple holds a significant lead in total revenue despite Google’s faster growth.

Overall mobile app revenue trends

During the third quarter, users continued the trend of beating year-over-year metrics due to stay-at-home work and entertainment needs. There were 33 billion new apps downloaded globally during the quarter with over 180 billion hours of app use amongst consumers.

Monthly hours spent in mobile Apps is up 25%

Monthly hours spent in mobile Apps is up 25%. Image credit: App Annie

Most notably is spending, up 20% year-over-year despite the pandemic affecting the economy, totaling $28 billion in app spending. Gaming was a majority

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Apple’s App Store Continues to Crush Google Play in Monetization

The COVID-19 pandemic has driven a surge in demand for various forms of home entertainment, including mobile apps and games. Apple‘s (NASDAQ:AAPL) iOS App Store has long dominated Alphabet (NASDAQ:GOOG) (NASDAQ:GOOGL) subsidiary Google’s Android in terms of monetization, even though Google Play has considerably more downloads than the App Store. That dynamic hasn’t changed, according to recent estimates from mobile analytics specialist Sensor Tower.

Here’s what mobile tech investors need to know.

Person playing a game on an iPhone

Image source: Apple.

Google leads in downloads, but Apple brings in more money

Total consumer spending on mobile apps jumped by 32% to $29.3 billion in the third quarter. That was stronger growth than under normal circumstances, which Sensor Tower attributes to the coronavirus outbreak. Overall app downloads and installs increased to 36.5 billion across both dominant mobile platforms. Android represented the bulk of downloads, but iOS brought in far more money for developers and platform operators.

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