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olafur eliasson’s ‘our glacial perspectives’ is an astronomical instrument

olafur eliasson unveils his latest permanent public artwork ‘our glacial perspectives’ along south tyrol’s hochjochferner glacier. upon visiting the glass artwork, visitors to mount grawand set out along a pathway leading along the mountain’s glacial-carved ridge for 410 meters. the path is incrementally divided by nine gates that are spaced at intervals corresponding in scale to the durations of earth’s ice ages, marking a deep timeline of the planet, of ice, and of the environment.

olafur eliasson glacial perspectives
image by riccardo marianno, studio olafur eliasson



olafur eliasson’s ‘our glacial perspectives’ pavilion comprises a series of steel and glass rings encompassing a circular deck which projects over the edge of mount grawand. from this point, the pavilion serves as an astronomical instrument that aligns the visitor’s gaze with the surrounding rings, which track the apparent path of the sun in the sky on any given day. the rings divide the year into equal time

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