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Baby Girl Sees Her Dad With No Beard For The First Time And She’s Not Okay

For the first few years of their lives, kids rely on their senses to understand the world. Before they have words to say, they understand a lot through sight and touch.

A little girl in Calgary was just starting to talk, but she knew what her daddy looked like. She loved to spend time with him and play with his big, bushy beard.

That little girl, Dot, was in for a surprise when her dad disappeared into the bathroom one day. She crawls down the hallway, wanting to be back with him. When he emerges from the bathroom, he’s got a big surprise.

Dot’s dad, Josh, decided to capture her reaction to  seeing him clean shaven. It’s the first time she’s seen him with no beard.


He comes out of the bathroom and scoops her back up into his arms. She stares, surprised, before bursting into tears.

Mom and

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