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I gave my boring beige kitchen a total makeover by painting EVERYTHING

A WOMAN was so bored of her beige kitchen she decided to give it a makeover by painting everything – and she even made her own stencil. 

Ellie Gooder previously had a bland kitchen with dark worktops, ordinary fixtures and washed-out tiles. 



NINTCHDBPICT000612897131Credit: @lifeatstaustell/Instagram

Ellie decided to change everything – including the plug sockets – leaving the only thing untouched the flooring, which she covered up with a rug. 

She started off by stripping the vinyl from the kitchen cabinets using the glue gun, to get to the wood behind which she then primed and sealed. 

Ellie said: “I bought some copper handles from Etsy, I wanted to be a bit different and so went for copper pipes, instead of standard copper bars.”

Next she turned her attention to the drab tiles, which she upgraded with a lick of Frenchic Dusky Blush.



NINTCHDBPICT000612897133Credit: @lifeatstaustell/Instagram

Ellie wanted

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