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Cooking Subscription Boxes For Kids That’ll Totally Get Them In The Kitchen

Even if you crave being in the kitchen, it’s easy to get burnt out from cooking for your kids every single day. And it’s even more challenging when you’ve been stuck at the stove only to have your child pick at their pasta. Maybe it’s time your little ones start cooking their own dang meals (sort of). Get ready to recruit your mini sous chef, because these 10 cooking subscription boxes for kids will boost your bonding time — and possibly get them to actually eat.

“Subscription meal kits are a great way to bring kids into the kitchen,” nutritionist Kara Hoerr, RDN, tells Romper in an email. “Meal kits often provide a balanced and complete meal and may include cuisines or foods that are new to you. This increases the variety of foods and flavors your kids are exposed to that they wouldn’t normally see.” And even if your

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