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4 Tips for Taking Your Brick-and-Mortar Store to the Online Realm

This year has been rough for brick and mortar retailers. Data from Yelp shows that 60 percent of temporary business closures related to COVID-19 have now become permanent. Many big-name brands have filed for bankruptcy as they’ve seen retail sales dry up.

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On the opposite end of the spectrum, ecommerce is thriving like never before. Statista reports that ecommerce site traffic in May and June of 2020 actually eclipsed the traffic levels of the 2019 holiday shopping season.


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As brick and mortar stores continue to struggle with government restrictions and the public’s desire to avoid outings that could lead to COVID-19 exposure, the need to take businesses online has never been more urgent.

Even if you’re late to the online game, however, you can still make a successful transition.

1. Choose the right hosting platform

First things first: you have to claim a

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Dries Van Noten’s New L.A. Store Promises to Reshape Brick-and-Mortar Retail

Dries Van Noten made headlines earlier this year, spearheading an open letter to the fashion industry that called for major changes. Among the letter’s top priorities—agreed to by scores of other designers, executives, and retailers—were realigning seasonal deliveries and delaying sales periods so that, for example, sweaters don’t go on sale before Christmas and sandals don’t arrive in stores in January.

Now, he has the chance to put those changes into action himself. Van Noten is opening a new store at 451 North La Cienega in Los Angeles. At 8,500-square feet, it’s a prodigious space, and the Belgian designer has come up with innovative concepts for every corner, not to mention the Little House at the back of the parking lot. The new store will double as a gallery, event space, and, most thrillingly for DVN devotees, a shoppable archive.

The address might ring a bell. An Opening Ceremony boutique

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