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6 Interesting Architectural Details to Consider in Your Next Home Build

Part of being a successful real estate investor is knowing the trends to understand what people will likely want in a home moving forward. Tastes change over time, people live new and different lifestyles, and technology improves. So if you’re wondering what architectural details to include in your next home build, read on for some ideas.

People didn’t always use their basement for a game room, exercise facility, or extended living space; back in the day, it was typically used only for storage, laundry, and as a makeshift bathroom — complete with a stand-alone toilet in the middle of the room. People began to finish their basements, giving new life to this underused space. But those basements still felt like afterthoughts, mainly because of their low ceilings.

To get around that issue, new home builds can include a deeper foundation for the basement. By having the builder dig deeper, your

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Indian Startups Band Up Against Google Dominance, Want To Build National Alternative To Play Store


  • Google Play will collect a 30% commission on in-app purchases from 2021
  • Indian startup founders called these charges “unfeasible”
  • Google’s Android holds a 95.8% market share in India

More than 150 top Indian startups and businesses, some of them big names, have banded together to challenge Google’s monopoly over the Android app ecosystem in India  and build an app store that the country can call its own, TechCrunch reported.

The move by Indian businesses to to build a national altenative to Google Play was prompted by Google’s recent annoucement to force app developers on its store to use its payments system, which takes a 30% cut on transactions including in-app purchases. Reports said founders of leading startups like Paytm, a payments app simiar to Google Pay and is India’s most valuable startup; MakeMyTrip and PolicyBazaar discussed Google’s policy and the concerns on dependence on Google on a call.

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