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How to update the look of your home by choosing the right light bulb

HOUSTON – Today is National LED Light Day, and what better time to think about bringing more light into your home and picking a light bulb that sets the right tone for your space.

Kathryn Emery, home improvement & lifestyle expert, showed us great tips for choosing light bulbs that will help create the perfect atmosphere.

You can watch Emery’s complete interview in the video below.

According to Emery, the first thing to do is understand two concepts that are important when selecting a light bulb: Lumens and Kelvins. Lumens measures brightness and Kelvin refers to the light color temperature.

“Also, think about what you will be doing in the room – how bright do you want it? For example, 800 lumens is a 60 W bulb. Afterwards, consider the color temperature of the light. Do you want an invigorating blue tint or a calming yellow? Kelvins are a scale

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