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New Hope Network Announces Winners of the 2020 Natural Products Expo Spark Change NEXTY Awards | Money

Additionally, New Hope Network partners with technology company Sampler for the twice-annual NEXTY Consumer Choice Awards, a branch of the NEXTY Awards program that allows brands to have their product sampled with 1,000 targeted health-conscious consumers and in turn receive valuable product ratings and feedback. The consumers who receive the product collectively select the finalists and winners via their product ratings. Winners of the 2020 Natural Products Expo Spark Change NEXTY Consumer Choice Awards include:

Food or Beverage: Primal Kitchen Buffalo SauceSupplement, Personal Care or Natural Living: Flora Elderberry+ Immune Booster

“Despite the challenges in 2020 for the industry as a whole, the caliber of Spark Change NEXTY Award submissions was impressive and inspiring,” said Chris McGurrin, manager of the NEXTY Awards program at New Hope Network. “Product innovation and progressive thinking has not slowed down, and the NEXTY winners have set a high benchmark for consumer packaged goods in

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Erez Nevi Pana designs banana-plant “cocoons” for humans to shelter from climate change

Vegan designer Erez Nevi Pana uses home-grown materials to create cocoon-like shelters for people living in an imaginary tropical version of Milan, which has an unfamiliar climate due to global warming.

a close up of a flower garden: Erez Nevi Pana designs human

© Provided by Dezeen
Erez Nevi Pana designs human

The shelters have each been made from vegan and sustainable materials, and feature in a film made by the designer. Both elements make up an installation by Nevi Pana called Tropical Milan.

The installation imagines a future city that has been transformed into a jungle-like climate due to rising temperatures and sees its inhabitants take refuge in woven bags and hammocks made from banana fibres.

a teddy bear sitting on top of a bed: Top video: a clip of Nevi Pana's film. Above: Nevi Pana has designed three "cocoons" from banana plants

© Provided by Dezeen
Top video: a clip of Nevi Pana’s film. Above: Nevi Pana has designed three “cocoons” from banana plants

After creating a series of vegan furniture items for a show during Milan Design Week 2018, the designer wanted to go a step

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10 Cast-Iron Skillet Hacks That Will Change Your Life

Everyone who owns a cast-iron skillet will tell you that it’s a kitchen workhorse. Some people swear by it and don’t even have traditional aluminum pans. If you get the non-stick patina right (which requires learning how to clean cast-iron properly), you can use a cast-iron pan to cook everything from a steak to a fried egg.

Whether you’ve owned this heirloom cookery for years, or have picked one up for the first time, you’ll find these surprising cast-iron hacks incredibly useful and inspiring. Read on, and for more, don’t miss these 15 Classic American Desserts That Deserve a Comeback.

grilled cheese sandwich press cast iron skillet

No one got you the panini press from your wedding registry? Don’t worry about it! If you have a cast-iron skillet (or two) then you don’t need this specialized, single-use tool taking up precious cabinet space. While your sandwich is toasting on one side, rest a cast iron skillet

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