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SSSS.Dynazenon Debuts First Trailer, Character Designs

SSSS.Dynazenon will be a new project continuing the Gridman universe, and now we have gotten our first real look at the new project with its first trailer. Back in 2018, Tsuburaya Productions began to expand their various Tokusatsu franchises through anime with new outings for both Ultraman and Denkou Choujin Gridman. Teaming up with Studio Trigger for their Gridman anime series, it was revealed late last year that there were plans in place for a grander “Gridman Universe” from Tsuburaya and Trigger with the release of a new anime project, SSSS.Dynazenon.

Although it has yet to be confirmed what form this new anime project will take, Tsuburaya Productions and Trigger have debuted the first trailer for SSSS.Dynazenon that teases many of the new faces we will see in this next entry in the Gridman Universe. You can check it out in the video above.

Although there are no

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Cuphead’s Developers Pitched Goofy, Glorious Character Designs for the Animaniacs Reboot

If you’re a ’90s kid, you’re probably stocking up on Orbitz, 3D Doritos, and Ring Pops in preparation for the Animaniacs reboot coming next month. Yakko, Wakko, and Dot—a.k.a the Warner Brothers (and Warner Sister)—will even retain their old voice actors in the 26 new episodes set to hit Hulu.

Not everything about the Animaniacs reboot is being recycled, however. The animation has a freshened-up (but still familiar) look that was explored in detail at the Ottawa Int’l Animation Festival on Friday. The panelists recall how several different artists and studios were invited to contribute potential new designs for the Warners, including Studio MDHR, the makers of 2017’s Cuphead.

“‘Finger Prince?’ I don’t think so.” | Studio MDHR/Warner Bros. Source

As you might expect, Studio MDHR’s contributions are very expressive and rubbery, much like

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