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7 ideas for choosing your best bathroom tiles

We fully understand the appeal and excitement that comes with a design/renovation project. Take the case of bathrooms: whether you’re sprucing up your existing one or building/designing a brand-new bathroom, there’s a range of decisions you’ll need to make – including what tiles you will be using (and why) and which ones you’ll be avoiding. But while some may deem this as the perfect little decorating project (perhaps even the chance to flex their DIY muscles), others might feel overwhelmed by the various tiles’ different designs, colours, sizes, patterns, etc. Relax – homify’s got this…

1. Pick your focal feature first

a room with a sink and a mirror: 1. Pick your focal feature first

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1. Pick your focal feature first

What do you imagine to be your ‘wow’ piece in your new bathroom? A free-standing, claw-foot tub? A luxurious walk-in shower? How about your backsplash behind your vanity / mirror?

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How to update the look of your home by choosing the right light bulb

HOUSTON – Today is National LED Light Day, and what better time to think about bringing more light into your home and picking a light bulb that sets the right tone for your space.

Kathryn Emery, home improvement & lifestyle expert, showed us great tips for choosing light bulbs that will help create the perfect atmosphere.

You can watch Emery’s complete interview in the video below.

According to Emery, the first thing to do is understand two concepts that are important when selecting a light bulb: Lumens and Kelvins. Lumens measures brightness and Kelvin refers to the light color temperature.

“Also, think about what you will be doing in the room – how bright do you want it? For example, 800 lumens is a 60 W bulb. Afterwards, consider the color temperature of the light. Do you want an invigorating blue tint or a calming yellow? Kelvins are a scale

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Choosing A Toilet Layout

Bathroom Designs,Bathroom Idea,Home Improvement,Kitchen Design,Kitchen IdeasWe have helped create a sociable home for family living which displays our purchasers love of basic contemporary design. Though grand architecture and darkish partitions create temper in Victorian-impressed schemes, it is the show-stopping solid-iron roll-high that’s the center of this look. Hardwood flooring provide a chic feel and look and that’s precisely the explanation behind better values of homes with wooden floors. In this kitchen designed by Hecker Guthrie, the glass cabinets add interest without making it feel cluttered.

Fitted lavatory storage that’ll present room for the entire family’s essentials. Discover bigger fixtures, corresponding to bath vanities, bathrooms, and tubs to match your excellent design. Get concepts and inspiration for a Pullman-style kitchen, and put together to put in an environment friendly and attractive kitchen design in your home. The open concept bath and bathe area is a contemporary tackle a master lavatory and defines fashionable, organic style in … Read More